Customer Testimonials

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with thousands of people to make their landscape and synthetic turf dreams come true. Here are just a few of the letters and emails we’ve received …

Brent Frei (1-22-10)

You were incredibly gracious when you called to check on how our landscaping project turned out.  The kind things you said about our family and our parenting meant a lot.  I’ve been meaning to shoot you a note of thanks, and to relay something I’d said to my wife prior to the landscaping job even being finished. After you’d been on site a couple days, I told her you were the kind of guy good people start successful businesses with.  I’ve been around a lot of folks in a lot of professions, and it becomes clear pretty early who’s outstanding and who’s not.  You top most lists.  Thanks for the great example you set for those that work with you and for you. Consider me a very strong reference at any time.

Dennis Gillingham (11-1-09)

Thank you for the careful synthetic grass installation in our new backyard; your crew took extra care to make sure we were happy.  The artificial lawn looks so real, my friends just think I have a green thumb.  As you know, the lack of sunlight in our back area has prevented us from having grass that looks good for more than two months a year.  But your product looks great throughout the year, and my dogs can go outside even in the winter without becoming muddy.  Thank you again!

Bill and Susan McDonnell (10-11-08)

Thanks so much for designing a unique landscape that sets our house off perfectly! We LOVE it! Sorry for all the headaches (not your fault), and hopefully you’ll just remember the gorgeous outcome.

Bryan Pinkston (3-25-08)

I wanted a low maintenance putting green that I could practice on all year long, and the artificial putting green and chipping areas that Greg and The Turf Guys installed have exceeded my expectations in every way.  They were able to take the worst looking area of my back yard and transform it into the focal point.  The green is now three years old and looks as good today as the day it was installed. I couldn’t be happier with the investment in my home and my game!

Judy Soferman , Marc Rosenshein (10-28-97)

Once again we’re in the fortunate position of wanting to say thank you for all your landscaping work and effort on our behalf. Our yard was a rather large and complicated project that involved many different contractors and schedules, and yet it’s all coming together and transforming into something really wonderful. We know you had a lot of crew and equipment to juggle, but you were always there when needed you, and you took care of every detail.

A special thanks for responding immediately when we had to move a rock on short notice. We’re looking forward to finishing up the beds and borders in the spring, then moving to the north side of the house. In the meantime, we wanted to say thank you for all your expert landscaping work, attention to details and schedules, and follow-through.

Paul B. Goodrich (10-11-93)

We’ve been in the process of building our home for approximately a year, and during that twelve-month process we’ve dealt with a number of suppliers and crafts people supplying everything from plumbing fixtures to windows to granite countertops. Not everything went smoothly and, as you might expect, we were disappointed in some things while others met our expectations. I’d like you to know that the landscaping work you performed greatly exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with the way the project turned out. I was also quite impressed with the way you managed the project; your direct approach to resolving issues and your ability to perform as promised were outstanding. You came to our attention through a very good friend who gave you the highest recommendation, and we found it was well deserved. Best Regards.

Gerald A. Eklund (2-16-92)

Greg, it was a pleasure doing business with you. You gave us a landscaping quote in a timely manner when we called, and you did the work exactly as laid out in your proposal, and for the amount specified – with reasonable charges for the extras we later ordered. The work really looks nice.

Tom Curd (4-24-87)

Greg, I’d like to thank you for the quality landscaping work you company did at my residence at 5104 Dover. You took the utmost care to meet my custom design, and completed the job promptly and neatly. The materials used impressed my next door neighbor so much that he requested your company’s name and telephone number. Thanks again for the quality custom landscaping job at such a great price. Please use my name, address or phone number if you ever need a reference.