Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscaper in Seattle

professional landscaper, landscape professionalAre you considering hiring a professional landscaper to work in your yard in Seattle, Washington? As a homeowner, you already know how time-consuming maintaining a lawn can be. It’s even more difficult when you have trees, flower gardens and shrubs to care for. If you’re overwhelmed with the work that’s piling up, it’s probably time to enlist the help of a landscape professional. Consider the following benefits before making your final decision.

Saves Time and Money

Most homeowners choose to hire a professional landscaper because it saves them time and money. Why spend your time landscaping every day after work when you could be interacting with your family? Additionally, you don’t have to worry about buying and storing the various tools necessary to complete projects.

Jobs Are Done Right

Landscaping isn’t easy. It takes time and practice to perfect. Unless you’ve trained to be a professional landscaper, the professional will probably know how to complete a project more efficiently. Continue Reading →

Is Installing Fire Pit Right for Your Home in Everett?

fire pit installAre you considering installing a fire pit at your home in Everett, Washington? This feature can offer a great place for your family to enjoy time outdoors together. It makes creating a high-quality outdoor space easy, but a fire pit isn’t for everyone. It’s important that you spend time thinking through the addition before reaching out to a landscaping professional. Keep the following factors in mind as you work toward a decision that’s right for your home and family.


One of the main factors you must consider before installing a fire pit is the cost. What you will pay a landscaping company to install your feature will depend greatly on its size and the materials you want to use.


Where would you put your new fire pit? As you consider this question, remember it can’t be near any flammable materials. In general, these features are best placed in open spaces. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Install an Irrigation System in Bellevue

irrigation systemAre you considering installing an irrigation system at your home or business in Bellevue? A beautiful lawn can drastically increase curb appeal, but maintaining perfectly green grass can be difficult. In fact, watering the grass alone could be a fulltime job for a landscaping professional. Fortunately, there are less expensive alternatives available. Consider these excellent reasons for installing an irrigation system as you decide whether or not to schedule an installation.

Increased Property Value

An irrigation system significantly increases the value of your property. Even if you don’t intend to sell anytime soon, this landscaping asset will attract future buyers and warrant a higher listing price.

Decreased Time Commitment

Another reason to install an irrigation system is that you can automate it. Instead of spending hours each day thoroughly watering your lawn or garden, the timers will take care of it all for you. This will also cut down the time your landscaper must spend caring for your space each week. Continue Reading →

Why Opt for an Artificial Grass Golf Mat in Seattle?

artificial grass golf mat, synthetic turf golf matAre you considering purchasing artificial grass golf mats for your yard in Seattle, Washington? If you don’t have time to hit the range on a regular basis but still want to work on your golf game, this may be the perfect solution. Because traditional golf mats aren’t always accessible, it’s a good idea to speak with your landscaping professional about alternatives. Consider the following benefits before making your final purchase decision.

Financial Savings

Traditional golf mats can be extremely expensive. Synthetic turf is the perfect alternative for budget-minded individuals. You can order a small size to cut down on the overall cost.


Another benefit to artificial grass golf mats is that they can be utilized on any surface. If you’re concerned that you don’t have room in your backyard, you can plan to practice your swing on a deck, patio or even in your garage. Explain your intentions to your landscaper so he or she can make the appropriate recommendations. Continue Reading →

Is Artificial Turf a Viable Solution for Your Home in Everett?

artificial turfAre you considering an artificial turf installation for your home or business in Everett, Washington? While synthetic grass isn’t right for everyone, more and more people are opting for this alternative. Determining the best solution for your home and family can be difficult. Before you discuss this possibility with your landscaping professional, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you have time to spend on yard maintenance?

Properly maintaining a yard is hard work. This is especially true for larger spaces that require a significant amount of landscaping. Choosing to install artificial turf, however, can save you significantly. You won’t have to worry about mowing, weed-eating or hedging anymore.

How many pets do you own?

No one likes fleas or ticks—especially your dog. Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid them outside. Having your landscaper install artificial turf can help prevent these pests from bothering your pets. Synthetic grass will also prevent muddy tracks in your home. Continue Reading →

Reasons to Install Artificial Grass in Bellevue?

artificial grassAre you considering an artificial grass installation for your home or business in Bellevue? While this synthetic alternative isn’t right for everyone, more and more homeowners and business owners are scheduling installations. There are, after all, numerous benefits associated with this decision. Keep the following features in mind as you discuss Bellevue artificial grass with your landscaping professional.


One of the best reasons to install artificial grass is how easy the maintenance of your yard becomes. You’ll no longer have to spend time mowing, watering or washing out grass stains. It’s also an ideal solution for individuals who have grass allergies!


Artificial grass is also an environmentally-friendly choice for your lawn in Bellevue. Your landscaper will no longer need to use potentially harmful growth chemicals and/or bug killers. This will also limit the amount of damaging pollutants used around your home or business, which will keep your family, customers and pets safer. Continue Reading →

Popular Seattle Landscaping Projects this Summer

landscaping projects, landscape projectAre you looking for y exciting Seattle landscaping projects this summer? Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, you and your family may want to spend more time outside. While trips to the pool and park are fun, making regular trips back and forth can be time consuming. Why not get more for your time and money by creating usable space in your back yard? Consider speaking with a professional about one of these exciting Seattle landscaping projects this summer!


Adding a deck to your home is an incredible Seattle landscape project. Not only will you have more functional space for entertaining, but you’ll significantly increase the overall value of your home as well. A professional landscaper can help you design the perfect deck for your purposes and budget.


Fencing is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect Seattle landscaping project this summer! There is a nearly endless variety of fence types and designs to choose from. Whether you want something small for your garden or want your entire property fenced in, a landscaping professional can help.

Fire Pit

Another great Seattle landscape project to consider is a fire pit. Fire pits are attractive additions to any yard and provide great opportunity for socializing. If you enjoy hosting family and friends, this is sure to be a hit! Not only is it perfect for cooler evenings, but the kids will love preparing delicious, edible treats!

Ready to Begin Your Seattle Landscaping Projects this Summer?

Are you ready to begin your Seattle landscaping projects this summer? Contact SynTurf Inc. in Seattle to request a free estimate today! Our highly-trained and experienced landscapers provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. We have the knowledge skills, and equipment necessary to tackle any job this summer. You can also count on us for custom artificial turf installation.

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Finding a Reliable Everett Landscaper

Everett Landscaper, reliable landscaperAre you looking for a reliable, professional Everett landscaper? If you have big plans for your yard this summer, it’s important to find a contractor you can depend on. With so many individuals and companies out there, it can be difficult to know which to hire. For some new homeowners, it may even be difficult to know where to start looking! To ensure that you receive the landscaping services you deserve, keep the following tips in mind as you look for a professional Everett landscaper.

Ask Your Neighbors

One of the best ways to find a reliable Everett landscaper is to speak with your neighbors. Someone in your neighborhood should be able to recommend a company or individual. This is especially helpful for new homeowners who have just moved to the area.

Look for Companies Online

You should also spend some time looking up potential landscaping professionals online. While a recommendation is a great start, you may find a better Everett landscaper by doing your own research. Pay close attention to services offered.

Read Customer Feedback

While researching a potential Everett landscaper, you should also look for customer feedback. Many people will leave reviews online. Some companies post these and testimonials on their websites. You can also call the landscaper directly and request a list of references.

Looking for a Reliable Everett Landscaper?

Are you looking for a reliable Everett landscaper? Now that you know what steps to take to find landscaping services in Everett, Washington, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a professional. Contact SynTurf Inc. in Seattle to request a free estimate today! We provide expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. Our highly-trained and experienced landscaping team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to tackle any job this summer. You can also count on us for custom artificial turf installation.

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Must-Have Landscaper Traits in Bellevue

professional landscaperDo you have big plans for your front and/or back yard this summer in Bellevue, Washington? Whatever your landscaping needs are, it’s important to find a professional landscaper who you can rely on. With so many individual contractors and companies to consider, it can be difficult to know which landscaping professional is best. While every company is different, there are a few factors you should pay close attention to. Look for the following traits as you decide which landscaper to hire in Bellevue.

Positive Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to find a reliable professional landscaper is to consider customer feedback. You should be able to find reviews and testimonials from past clients online. You may also want to contact the individual or company directly to request a list of references.

Good Customer Service

It’s also important that the landscaping company you hire has good customer service. Many landscapers offer a free consultation. Ask a lot of questions and use this as an opportunity to gauge communication and service skills. Continue Reading →

Are You Paying Too High of a Price for Landscaping in Seattle?

landscaping price, landscaping costDo you need to schedule landscaping services for your home in Seattle, Washington? Hiring a landscaping professional isn’t cheap, but what landscaping price is too much? Setting a budget for your project and sticking to it is important. Knowing how much you need to set aside can be difficult, especially if you’ve never hired a landscaper before. Keep the following information in mind to ensue you don’t pay to high of a price for landscaping in Seattle.

Research Local Average Costs

The first step in establishing a budget for your landscaping project is to research the average price for services in your area. Before ever speaking with a landscaper, take time to look financial statistics online. You can also talk to family, friends, and neighbors about what price they’ve paid for landscaping in the past.

Schedule a Consultation

Once you have a general idea of how much landscaping services cost in your area, you need to schedule a consultation with a professional. Many companies will do this for free. Afterward, you’ll receive a quote for the services you need. Compare this quote to the number you found during your initial research. Continue Reading →