The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaper in Edmonds

professional landscaperLawn upkeep is important if you’re a homeowner. The appearance of overgrown grass and weeds makes your yard look unkempt. Of course, caring for a lawn is a time-intensive process. This is why you should consider the many professional landscaper benefits. Hiring someone to do the job on your behalf is a major timesaver, not to mention it leads to more visually pleasing results. The following are some of the advantages of leaving the landscaping job to a certified professional.

1. Time-Saving

One of the biggest advantages of a professional is the time you save by not having to perform the work yourself. Landscaping isn’t akin to washing your car or taking out the garbage. The process can consume an entire day or even expand across several days. This is time you may not have if you work full-time and/or have a family to care for. Continue Reading →

Stunning Winter Landscaping Flowers in Marysville

winter landscaping flowersAre you exploring ways to add some color to your landscape? With the cooler weather comes a variety of plants and flowers you can incorporate to add to the winter ambiance. Take advantage of this by adding winter landscaping flowers to your lawn makeover. Speaking with a professional landscaper will yield ideas on the best type of flowers for your type of yard and the visuals you’re aiming for. The following are popular winter flowers to consider.

1. Cyclamen

Cyclamens are a combination of white, pink, purple, and red flowers that have a strong resemblance to lilies. Speak to a local landscaper about cyclamens if you’re interested in a flower that blooms in late winter.

2. Hellebore

Many gardeners really like hellebores because they’re available in an assortment of hues. While a popular choice, hellebores do not bloom year-round, so timing is very important.

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Tips for Winter Landscaping in Kirkland

winter landscapingMany homeowners believe yard work and lawn maintenance come to a halt when summer ends. The fall and winter seasons, though, provide terrific landscaping opportunities. Even the frostiest areas can benefit from professional care. If you’re unsure how to care for your landscape during this time of year, contact a local contractor for winter landscaping help. Take advantage of the season to keep your lawn healthy and visually charming.

1. Focus on Hardscaping

Types of hardscaping include benches, arbors, sculptures, and Masonry. In the winter, these elements become outdoor focal points. If the patio feels a bit barren during winter, a landscaper can enhance the area with a number of additions, such as ponds, fountains, and putting greens.

2. Take Advantage of Evergreens and Berries

Several plants thrive during the colder months, but that doesn’t mean your lawn can’t take on bright and vibrant colors. The addition of evergreens and berries makes for great wintertime designs. They also brighten up any outdoor area, especially during the end-of-the-year holidays. Continue Reading →

Fall Landscaping Tips in Lake Stevens

fall landscaping Now that colder temperatures are here, it’s essential to get a head start on fall landscaping work. Use this time to prep your lawn for winter or to complete more comprehensive landscaping projects now that the weather is more bearable. Here are some ideas to discuss with your contractor or landscaper.

1. Mulch

While many property owners elect to mulch around flower beds and trees in spring, doing it in autumn is typically better for plants and vegetation at large. Mulching protects the plants from frost damage. In addition, it helps plants retain moisture under colder and drier temperatures. Mulch isn’t required for artificial turf.

2. Remove Dead Flowers

Talk to your local contractor about removing dead or dying plants in the fall. While you should refrain from pruning, autumn is a good time to discard dead annual flowers. You should also use this time to remove dying branches. You’ll need a professional to distinguish between healthy and compromised branches. Continue Reading →

Beautiful Fall Landscaping Flowers in Mukilteo

fall landscaping flowersFall is officially here. With the new season comes more pleasant weather. The changing climate is also a reason to give your lawn a light makeover. One way you can do this is by incorporating fall landscaping flowers. Here are some flower options that are terrific for Mukilteo households during this time of year. These options work well for both real and artificial turf remnants.

1. Garden Mums

Garden mums are terrific autumn flowers due to the color options that complement the season nicely. This includes yellow, orange, and red shades that people associate with falling leaves. Speak with your local landscaper about incorporating this flower style.

2. Sumac

Another good choice for fall and winter landscaping is sumac. This is a species of shrub with origins in North America and is a local favorite. Sumacs have a bright reddish color and grow small clusters of red berries. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Choosing Rock Mulch for Your Landscaping in Lynnwood

rock mulchMany homeowners use bark mulch for their landscaping. The reason is simple: bark is natural and provides an earthly curb appeal. Other people may use wood chips, pine needles, or shredded newspaper. However, you’re by no means limited to these options. An equally viable alternative is rock mulch. The stone used as mulch is available in various sizes and colors. Consider the many advantages associated with this mulch type that is too often overlooked.

1. Economical

Rock mulch is very affordable. It’s true that the upfront cost is more than most other forms of mulch. However, stone never erodes, making it reusable time and again. You don’t have to replace it every season as you do with bark, which biodegrades. Continue Reading →

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Landscaper in Woodinville

professional landscaperLate summer and early fall are good times for major landscaping work. However, this aspect of outdoor lawn care can be time-consuming, not to mention you may not have the knowledge or tools of the trade to give your yard optimal care. This is why it’s best to hire a landscaper. Before agreeing to services, we recommend asking these professional landscaping questions to ensure you hire the best contractor for the job.

1. Can You Provide Referrals from Previous Work?

There are multiple landscaping companies out there providing outdoor renovation work, ranging from artificial turf installation to deck upgrades. When doing your initial research, vet each candidate by asking if they can provide a list of referrals from prior clients. You don’t have to contact these referrals, though doing so can give you a better idea of the company’s or contractor’s workmanship. Continue Reading →

How to Prepare for Professional Landscaping in Shoreline

professional landscapingDo you think your lawn can use a makeover? Summer is when many homeowners make an appointment for professional landscaping services in Shoreline. As a homeowner, there are some preparatory work you can do on your end to make the landscaping project go more smoothly.

1. Do Some Basic Lawn Maintenance

You should clear your lawn. Of course, you might be thinking the very reason for hiring a landscaper is so you don’t have to do the grunt work. The truth is that you should perform basic maintenance. This means removing items and decor that could get in the way, such as bicycles, garden tools, etc.  Continue Reading →

Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Landscaper Serving Bellevue

professional landscaperWith the warmer season here, now is the time to consider working on your lawn to give it some much-needed care. However, yard work is labor-intensive, not to mention you may not have the knowledge to give your grass, shrubs, and trees the care they need. This is where hiring a professional landscaper near Bellevue comes in handy. Learn what an industry expert can do for your anticipated landscaping projects.

1. Saves Time

Hiring a landscaper saves you time. All you have to do is discuss your plans with the contractor. Perhaps you want an artificial turf or retaining walls. Once you formulate a plan, the contractor will do the rest and get to work. Continue Reading →

4 Fencing Types to Consider for Your Home Near Marysville

backyard fencingAre you considering backyard fencing installation for your Marysville residence? A fence is a great renovation idea that adds value to your property. However, fencing comes in various styles. Some of these may be more suited for your land based on the layout and home architecture. Here are some of the popular fencing options for residential landscapes.

1. Chain Link

Chain link fencing admittingly isn’t the most aesthetically appealing as it can be quite plain and industrial-like. However, the fencing is very functional and durable. It’s also relatively inexpensive and can be installed in a short time. If the visuals are an issue, you can easily conceal much of the fencing by placing plants and other decorative items.

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