4 Things to Consider Before Installing a Fire Pit in Issaquah


Have you decided that you want to spend more time outdoors? A fire pit installation will make the time spent outside far cozier and more welcoming. A fire pit is available in many styles and variations. To get the installation going, there are many facets to consider before speaking to a local landscaper. Here are four variables to think about.

1. Cost of Materials and Installation

The cost of a fire pit installation varies depending on factors like materials and size. Also, if you install a fire pit, then you may also want to consider other additions as well, such as extra seating and an outdoor kitchen. Think about how these will be factored into your budget and plan accordingly.

2. Fire Pit Location

Where you choose to install the fire pit is a big decision. It’s important that it’s not too close to any flammable materials. Generally, it’s best to position a fire pit in an open space. This is especially the case in regions like Issaquah that are prone to high winds. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Install an Irrigation System in Lynnwood

synturf-5Since your yard is visible to neighbors, it’s not a part of your property you want to ignore. Curb appeal and landscaping are just as important as your home interior. However, lawn maintenance requires frequent upkeep, not to mention it can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive. One way to drastically cut down on manual care is to install an irrigation system. Here are a few reasons a sprinkler system is a smart investment.

1. Increases Home Value

Irrigation systems definitely add value to your property. Even if you have no plans at the moment to put your home on the market, it’s always a good idea to make renovations that increase property value. Home buyers will be impressed by newly installed irrigation systems, no doubt.

2. Less Time Commitment

A huge advantage of irrigation systems is that they’re automated. This saves hours of work from having to manually water the lawn using a hose or watering can. Automated sprinklers perform the entire watering work. Continue Reading →

3 Landscaping Projects to Plan for Spring in Lake Stevens

synturfIt may still be slightly chilly, but spring is just about here! That means you need to begin prepping for the mild weather so you can enjoy the sunny days ahead. If you plan for landscaping projects now, you get more value for what you put in. Here are some project ideas to contemplate for your lawn as the temperature begins heating up.

1. Build a Deck

Decks are a great addition to any private property. Not only do they provide a venue for outdoor gatherings, but they also add value to the home. By planning renovations now, a new deck can be fully installed and ready for use by mid-spring. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Artificial Grass Golf Mats in Edmonds

synturf-4Do you enjoy golfing but lack the time to visit the range as often as you wish? It’s difficult to get your practice swings in with a busy schedule, so you’ve probably thought of getting a golf mat for your yard. Conventional golf mats, though, are pricey. Fortunately, there’s a viable alternative. Artificial grass golf mats are ideal for residences with a decent-sized lawn. Here are some notable advantages these synthetic turfs have over golf mats.

1. Turf Mats Are More Affordable

Traditional golf mats can run upwards in the high three-digit ranges, which can be well above your budget. Synthetic grass golf mats made from turf remnants, by contrast, can be as low as $30 per 42” square. While the 42” squares are most common, various size options are available, not to mention custom dimensions.

2. Artificial Golf Mats Are Compatible for Any Surface

Concerned your lawn isn’t big enough to accommodate an artificial turf grass mat? Worry not! The mats can be placed on any surface. Whether you prefer to golf on the deck or patio, synthetic turf mats will fit like a hand in a glove. Continue Reading →

Is Artificial Play Turf Right for Your Family in Everett?

synturf-3-2016Contemplating whether to install artificial play turf on your lawn is definitely not a decision to take lightly. There are some factors to consider, and you’ll want to make the choice that’s fitting for the whole family. Here are a few variables to think about before installing an artificial turf.

1. Do You Have Time for Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn care requires time and commitment, particularly if you aspire to do your landscaping the right way. Artificial grass, by contrast, needs little attention. If you lack time for chores like mowing, watering, and weed-killing, artificial turf may be the answer.

2. Do You Have Any Household Pets?

If you have pets, especially dogs, artificial grass may be a terrific choice because bothersome pests like fleas and ticks cannot thrive on the surface. In addition, there’s no mud with artificial grass, so your canine friend won’t be leaving paw prints behind following a rain spell. Continue Reading →

3 Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass in Kirkland

synturf-3Lawn maintenance is a nuisance but comes with the territory of being a property owner. Chores like mowing the lawn and watering the grass are your responsibility. There is, however, an easier way you may not have thought of before. There are numerous advantages of professionally installing artificial grass in your yard. Read on to learn how to stick to the fun and forgo the hassle with artificial grass installation.

1. Good for the Environment

With artificial grass, there’s no need for growth chemicals or pesticides, so you don’t have to worry about using pollutants harmful to the ecosystem. As an additional perk, you save money by not having to pay for these often pricey chemicals.

2. No More Mud

The only thing worse than rain is the mud that forms afterward and lingers for days or even weeks. With synthetic turf, you won’t have to worry about muddy shoes again. Not only does it drain better, but it also dries more quickly so your yard returns to normal faster. Browse our gallery to see the year-round difference. Continue Reading →

Artificial Turf and the Green Revolution in Bothell

The Turf GuysHere in the Pacific Northwest, it shouldn’t be hard to ‘go green’. Plentiful rain and the region’s natural beauty makes people from other parts of the country green with envy. It’s natural to think that going green means the more natural the better. There’s an irony to this, though, when it comes to installing an artificial lawn. We explain why.

Artificial Lawn Is More Sustainable Than You Believe

Artificial lawn doesn’t require chemical treatments to keep it green like a natural landscape. Not only are these chemicals all over grassy regions where kids and pets play, but they’re also part of the runoff from rainstorms that make their way into natural bodies of water. The frequent use of gas-powered lawnmowers isn’t exactly green either.

Think about how you’ll keep your artificial lawn clean. You can use a leaf blower if you wish during autumn, but a broom with stiff bristles suffices and helps keep the blades of artificial grass upright for a more refined look. Rainfall is the most natural way to keep the lawn clean, and no chemicals will be getting washed into the nearby streams or retention basin. The artificial lawn has perforations that enable the rain to go into the soil where it belongs.

Finally, since you don’t require water during droughts, water conservation becomes another sustainable byproduct of an artificial lawn installation. Continue Reading →

Drought-Resistant Landscaping for the Long Haul in Bellevue

syn-turfThe recent heatwave in the Pacific Northwest has ignited a discussion about how to prepare for the future. Washington state plans to invest $16 million over the coming years in drought relief projects. On a smaller scale here in Bellevue and the surrounding area, we can contribute to the overall health of the environment by investing in drought-resistant landscaping.

Landscaping Strategies to Curtail water consumption

If your lawn has been adversely impacted by drought conditions, you may want to vary your approach to landscaping. Conserving water will reduce the effects that a drought can have on your yard. One idea that the government has been contemplating is drought resistant plants. You can do the same at a local level in your own backyard. There is a website called great plant picks that lists over 800 drought resistant flowers and shrubs. They also advise what plants thrive in the shade and the sun to make it easy to plan for your lawn’s specific conditions.

You can expand your garden or reduce the size of your lawn in another way. A rock garden can be just as attractive in setting your property apart as a lush green lawn. The cool part is that you don’t need to water it, and it also minimizes weed growth. Continue Reading →

The Pet Friendliness of Artificial Lawns in Bellevue

The Turf GuysIf you wish to install a pet play area with artificial grass, rest assured that today’s products are pet-safe and can be a better choice than natural turf. Years ago, there were some artificial surfaces that had lead contamination issues. Today’s artificial and pet-friendly lawn installers have the latest and safest options available for your residence.

There are safety benefits that artificial turf provides for your pets and family. For example, an artificial lawn that’s correctly installed won’t have uneven seams that sod sometimes has. Grass grown from seeds can give you a beautiful lawn, but there are uneven spots concealed by the grass that can lead to stumbles for your pets and children. There are also pesticides and other harmful chemicals that regular lawn maintenance requires. None of these problems are a concern with a properly leveled artificial lawn. This means no hidden hills or valleys to trip anyone up and no muddy messes.

Cleaning Up After Your Canine Companion

It’s no secret that dogs like to frequent certain spots to relieve themselves. The ease of cleaning artificial lawns and play areas make this mostly a non-issue. Collect solid waste with a scooper or plastic bag and the rest of the waste can be washed away with a hose. There are even deodorizing agents that will make this kind of waste a faint memory. As an added bonus, you won’t have those brown spots that canines leave behind when doing a number two on natural lawns. Continue Reading →

Landscape Tips for Keeping Wood Pests Away in Snohomish

termites Snohomish homeowners enjoy a well-kept home that looks great year-round. The nice part about the Pacific Northwest is all the free water the sky provides that makes our area so green and lush. But there are other organisms that enjoy the moist earth and abundance of rainfall. That would be mainly termites and carpenter ants. Learn all about wood pest prevention for a pest-free landscape.

Termites and Carpenter Ants Love Water

The problem with these pests is they are drawn to water. Once they get on the trail, they tunnel and eat their way through anything that’s in their way. You can discourage these critters with these easy DIY steps.

  • Avoid piling garden and tree mulch more than three inches high
  • Keep mulch four to five inches away from siding or even masonry to keep pests from entering the home.
  • Have the garden graded to shuttle water away from the foundation
  • Keep vines and undergrowth away from your home and watch those overhanging trees. Carpenter ants may come in through higher areas and enter from a cracked attic window.

Other Methods for stopping Wood Pests in Their Tracks

Inspect the basement for leaking water. Termites consume wood and cellulose. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood; they hollow it out to live in so look at any wood in the home and check for sawdust that may be around door jams and windowsills.

Another way to safeguard your home is to have a professional landscaper put those landscaping touches you always wanted. They can measure the mulch, clear away vines and undergrowth, and put in some barriers to stop the invaders. They can also grade the lawn to keep the water on your plants away from your home.

At The Turf Guys, we install artificial lawns that can keep your yard maintenance to a minimum. Please call us at 425-276-7449 or browse our website for more information on what we can do to make your home pest-free. Wood pest prevention is the first step to a more robust landscape.

Wood Pest Prevention in Greater Seattle

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