Fall Landscaping Tips in Lake Stevens

fall landscaping Now that colder temperatures are here, it’s essential to get a head start on fall landscaping work. Use this time to prep your lawn for winter or to complete more comprehensive landscaping projects now that the weather is more bearable. Here are some ideas to discuss with your contractor or landscaper.

1. Mulch

While many property owners elect to mulch around flower beds and trees in spring, doing it in autumn is typically better for plants and vegetation at large. Mulching protects the plants from frost damage. In addition, it helps plants retain moisture under colder and drier temperatures. Mulch isn’t required for artificial turf.

2. Remove Dead Flowers

Talk to your local contractor about removing dead or dying plants in the fall. While you should refrain from pruning, autumn is a good time to discard dead annual flowers. You should also use this time to remove dying branches. You’ll need a professional to distinguish between healthy and compromised branches.

3. Protect Delicate Plants

Discuss with the landscaper about protecting any plants or flowers that may be vulnerable to the upcoming colder climate. The landscaper will be able to determine which plants are susceptible to frosty temperatures and take the appropriate actions. This may include covering smaller plants and shrubs or wrapping them in burlap. 

Need Professional Assistance with Fall Landscaping in Lake Stevens?

Now that autumn is in full swing in Lake Stevens, use the time to give your lawn extra care. The best solution is to contact The Turf Guys for a consultation on how to maintain your landscape. This is also a good time to schedule major outdoor renovations, such as installing putting greens on your property exterior. In any case, entrust fall landscaping to the professionals.

Fall Landscaping Assistance in Lake Stevens

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