Benefits of Choosing Rock Mulch for Your Landscaping in Lynnwood

rock mulchMany homeowners use bark mulch for their landscaping. The reason is simple: bark is natural and provides an earthly curb appeal. Other people may use wood chips, pine needles, or shredded newspaper. However, you’re by no means limited to these options. An equally viable alternative is rock mulch. The stone used as mulch is available in various sizes and colors. Consider the many advantages associated with this mulch type that is too often overlooked.

1. Economical

Rock mulch is very affordable. It’s true that the upfront cost is more than most other forms of mulch. However, stone never erodes, making it reusable time and again. You don’t have to replace it every season as you do with bark, which biodegrades.

2. Aesthetically Diverse

Another advantage is that stone comes in countless shapes, colors, and textures. Popular styles include pea gravel, quartz, and river rock just to list a few. You can even use the pebbles readily available in your backyard if you have ample amounts. The gravel stones work well with most landscape types, including artificial play turfs.

3. Easily Maintained

Landscape maintenance is a lot of work unless you hire a landscaper. Even if you have artificial turf, the rest of the lawn still requires maintenance. Any portion of the yard containing mulch like bark or wood chips will need to be replaced. With stone and gravel, however, the material is practically maintenance-free. 

Want to Transition to Rock Mulch in Lynnwood?

If you think rock mulch is a good fit for your residence in Lynnwood, be sure to schedule a consultation with one of our landscaping professionals at The Turf Guys. We provide various landscaping services, including the installation of maintenance-free artificial grass. Contact us today to determine which mulching options are best for your lawn.

Rock Mulch Landscaping in Lynnwood

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