Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Landscaper in Woodinville

professional landscaperLate summer and early fall are good times for major landscaping work. However, this aspect of outdoor lawn care can be time-consuming, not to mention you may not have the knowledge or tools of the trade to give your yard optimal care. This is why it’s best to hire a landscaper. Before agreeing to services, we recommend asking these professional landscaping questions to ensure you hire the best contractor for the job.

1. Can You Provide Referrals from Previous Work?

There are multiple landscaping companies out there providing outdoor renovation work, ranging from artificial turf installation to deck upgrades. When doing your initial research, vet each candidate by asking if they can provide a list of referrals from prior clients. You don’t have to contact these referrals, though doing so can give you a better idea of the company’s or contractor’s workmanship.

2. Do You Have Workman’s Compensation Insurance?

Landscaping work isn’t a particularly dangerous undertaking. Nevertheless, injuries can and do occur on the job. If this occurs on your property, you can be held legally liable even if you didn’t directly cause the injury. This is why you should always ask if the company carries some form of workman’s compensation Insurance. This protects you from liability.

3. What Is the Projected Cost of My Landscaping Project?

Discuss the estimated cost with the landscaper ahead of time. Costs can vary dramatically depending on the nature of the renovation. Installation of putting greens, for example, will differ from a fence installation. Ask for an estimate and get it in writing to avoid any hidden fees and surcharges. 

Have More Questions for a Professional Landscaper in Woodinville?

If you have more questions, feel free to contact Synturf. Our crew has years of industry experience. No professional landscaper questions are off-limits. We’re happy to answer your questions whether you have a residential or commercial landscaping project. 

Professional Landscaper Questions in Woodinville

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