How to Prepare for Professional Landscaping in Shoreline

professional landscapingDo you think your lawn can use a makeover? Summer is when many homeowners make an appointment for professional landscaping services in Shoreline. As a homeowner, there are some preparatory work you can do on your end to make the landscaping project go more smoothly.

1. Do Some Basic Lawn Maintenance

You should clear your lawn. Of course, you might be thinking the very reason for hiring a landscaper is so you don’t have to do the grunt work. The truth is that you should perform basic maintenance. This means removing items and decor that could get in the way, such as bicycles, garden tools, etc. 

2. Make a Thorough Plan

Visualize how you want the finished landscape to appear. Take into consideration both functionality and visual aspects. It may also be a good idea to create a sketch. If installing an artificial play turf, for example, where do you want the children’s playground to be located? You can sketch this out. Once the contractor sees the sketch, he can go off of that and create his own outline with more detailed dimensions.

3. Know Your Budget

Establish a budget. It may help to speak with a landscaper beforehand to determine the average costs for a renovation of your lawn’s size. The average cost of an artificial turf installation can vary greatly depending on the layout of your property. Factors like trees, shrubs, and sloped surfaces are variables that can affect the proposed estimate. 

Need Professional Landscaping for Your Shoreline Property?

If you’re ready for an exterior makeover, contact The Turf Guys today to speak to a contractor regarding a professional landscaping project. Our crew performs various landscaping work, from play areas to putting greens. We provide a free estimate, so you can come up with a budget and plan accordingly. 

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