4 Fencing Types to Consider for Your Home Near Marysville

backyard fencingAre you considering backyard fencing installation for your Marysville residence? A fence is a great renovation idea that adds value to your property. However, fencing comes in various styles. Some of these may be more suited for your land based on the layout and home architecture. Here are some of the popular fencing options for residential landscapes.

1. Chain Link

Chain link fencing admittingly isn’t the most aesthetically appealing as it can be quite plain and industrial-like. However, the fencing is very functional and durable. It’s also relatively inexpensive and can be installed in a short time. If the visuals are an issue, you can easily conceal much of the fencing by placing plants and other decorative items.

2. PVC

PVC fencing is available in various color styles. It’s not as durable as wood, but it’s more affordable, not to mention it’s also resistant to weather elements and boring insets. This fencing variant also complements nicely with artificial turf landscapes.

3. Wood

Wood fencing is a popular option among many homeowners. The style is sought after for its visual appeal and natural element. While wood may be prone to rot and pest intrusion, you can offset the issue by periodically sealing the wood.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum is simple and low-maintenance. It is easily customizable with tons of design options. Many fencing styles that people think of as wrought-iron fencing is actually aluminum fencing.

Need Backyard Fencing for Your Marysville Property?

Are you committed to the idea of a backyard fencing installation for your Marysville home? Contact The Turf Guys for a consultation. The addition of a fence is a great way to enhance other outdoor renovations, such as an artificial play turf. We provide an assortment of outdoor remodeling projects. Get in touch with us for an in-person assessment.

Backyard Fencing Installation Near Marysville

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