Adding Low Voltage Lighting to Your Yard Near Redmond

Low Voltage Lighting to Your YardYour yard has the potential for being an excellent secondary living area. However, its use may be limited, especially once the sun goes down. One way to illuminate the outdoors is by installing low-voltage lighting. This makes an excellent addition to play turfs, patios, and lawns. Here are some tips to ensure optimal installation for the best illumination and ambient effects.

1. Map Your Yard

Sketch out your yard; be sure to include trees, flowerbeds, and other impeding objects in your drawings. Having a sketch that’s to scale will make the placement and installation process far easier. With a sketch, you can make notes about potential installation areas or list the pros and cons of each viable spot.

2. Know Why You Want More Lighting

What’s your reasoning for wanting additional lighting? Do you want to spend more time outdoors in the evening hours? Do you wish to host gatherings that last into the night? Perhaps you want lighting that can set the mood for a romantic outdoor dinner. Identifying your motives for low-voltage lighting will assist in the decision-making process.

3. Identify Spots that Need the Most Light

Think of the potential spots in the yard that can really use additional illumination. This is where the sketch of your yard can come in handy. The professional landscaper that assesses your property will also be able to help you determine an ideal location.

Need Low-Voltage Lighting Installation Near Redmond?

Do you want to maximize the use of your outdoor area? Low-voltage lighting installation is a good way to go. Contact The Turf Guys for a consultation regarding your lighting needs and possible points of placement. Apart from lighting, we can also further enhance the space with artificial turf remnants and other landscaping features.

Low-Voltage Lighting for Your Yard Near Redmond

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