Tips for Adding Water Features to Your Yard Near Mukilteo

Stunning Water Features

How you adorn your yard is a statement of how well you care for your property. Of course, there are endless design schemes you can incorporate that make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood. Lawn water features are one way of decorating your yard. This will surely create a stunning outdoor setting that will turn heads. You can make the exterior section of your property the focal point by following these water-centric design tips.

1. Select Your Feature

Water feature designs are boundless. It’s important to first select a primary feature. Ideas include a pond, waterfall, or fountain to list a few. From here, additional and secondary features become much easier to select. The main feature can also be a combination of more than one element, such as a waterfall with the water flowing into a pond.

2. Add Plants and Stones

While water features alone are awesome, add variety with an assortment of plants and stone decorative elements. This adds flare and style to an already eye-catching feature. Various foliage and stone types go well with the scene of running or still water.

3. Work with a Professional

Most water features require installation from a professional. After all, incorporating a water-based landscape requires digging and setting up a water pump. You’ll need to get a professional landscaper into the mix to ensure long-lasting quality.

Incorporate Lawn Water Features Near Mukilteo

Artificial turf installation may be our specialty. However, Synturf also performs outdoor renovations that include lawn water features and hardscape surfaces. Contact us today for a consultation and find out how we can completely transform your lawn into a vibrant landscape. We can install a wide gamut of water features, masonry, putting greens, and more.

Lawn Water Features for Your Yard Near Mukilteo

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