A Good Time to Do Some Outside Chores Near Issaquah

winter lawn care

Are you setting up holiday decorations for your lawn? It’s a good idea to use this occasion to perform winter lawn care for your Issaquah home. Some yard work is best performed during this season. Learn which lawn maintenance projects are ideal and will really help your landscape stand out and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Thatch and Aerate Your Lawn

Fall is a good time to aerate your yard. It’s best to do this job when the grass is in the midst of growing. Summer isn’t a good time as the heat makes the grass less active; summer aerating may lead to lawn damage.

Dethatching involves debris removal from all the mowing done over the summer. This enables the grass to breathe, so to speak. By removing grass clippings and boring holes into the soil, it becomes significantly easier for the lawn to absorb water and nutrients. Compact soil inhibits nutrient and moisture intake, leading to brown and decaying grass.

Garden Chores & Hardscaping

Fall and winter are great occasions to do work that requires some heavy movement and physical exertion. This will warm your body and minimize the chances of heat exhaustion or dehydration. We also recommend mulching to provide a layer of insulation. This is especially good if you have perennial plants, as the mulch protects the roots.

Commit to Winter Lawn Care Near Issaquah

A landscaper can perform all of the above winter lawn care work. Another idea is to completely switch over to artificial grass, which is highly maintenance-free yet is just as visually charming. In fact, artificial grass and turf remnants make for a great renovation as part of a New Year’s resolution for your Issaquah home. Contact Synturf if you believe synthetic turf will contribute immensely to your property landscape.

Winter Lawn Care Near Issaquah

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