What to Consider When Adding Steps or Stairs to Your Landscape Around Kirkland

Adding Steps and Stairs to Your LandscapeIs your house situated on a hill or sloping property? If so, it can be a nuisance to move around the exterior of your home. It may be time to contemplate collaborating with a landscaping company about installing landscape steps or stairs for your Kirkland home. Consider these factors when making this renovation.

1. What Purpose Do the Steps or Stairs Serve?

What’s the purpose of having steps or stairs for a sloping lawn or yard? Do having them make it easier to traverse the property? Does it prevent your grass from getting tromped on? Do they provide a direct path to an area like the patio or deck area? What’s the value in terms of aesthetic appeal?

2. Is Accessibility an Issue?

Accessibility is certainly a factor to think about. If the slope is quite long and steep, the design should utilize bigger slabs or periodic landings. Your professional landscaper can make recommendations after evaluating your outdoor surroundings.

3. Do I Need Additional Lighting?

You may need extra lighting fixtures depending on the location of the steps/stairs. Lighting plays a huge role in both safety and cosmetic design, especially if you plan on using the lawn a lot during nighttime. 

4. What Kind of Material Will Optimally Suit My Needs?

Homeowners have so many choices in terms of material. Common styles include brick, paver stones, and natural stone to list a few. We suggest a material that will complement or add some welcome contrast to the natural foliage, artificial turf, or house exterior.

Install Landscape Steps or Stairs for Your Kirkland Property

For sloped properties, landscape steps and/or stairs are an excellent addition. Begin by contacting The Turf Guys for an in-person evaluation of your residence. Call us at (425)276-7449 for a no-cost estimate. We look forward to serving you and enhancing your outdoor property.

Landscape Steps and Stairs Around Kirkland

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