3 Summer Landscaping Ideas in Bellevue

Summer Landscaping Ideas

Summer is the ideal time of year to renovate your yard or patio. Break out the grill for a barbecue or prep the deck for an evening luau. Before making any plans, consult with your landscaper for some summer landscaping ideas. Use this season to make the outdoor portion of your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

1. Plant a Variety of Flowers and Plants

The first thing you’ll want to do is discuss the types of plants and flowers you wish to grace your yard. Your local landscaping company can make recommendations. You’ll learn which plant and flower variety are ideal in terms of aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

2. Incorporate Planters and Baskets for Added Height

Consider the addition of planters and baskets. These add a whole new design element and are also a great way to add depth and height to the landscape. The variety really brings a diverse spectrum to the outdoors. It’s also an easy and affordable investment that takes minimal time to set up.

3. Plan for Year-Round Color

When picking the flowers for your patio or lawn, be sure to keep fall and winter in mind. There are a number of cold-weather foliage you can select that’ll provide bright colors throughout the year.

Need Summer Landscaping Ideas in Bellevue?

Are you searching for a landscaper in your local area? If you require help with yard maintenance or are interested in artificial grass installation, contact SynTurf located in the greater Seattle area. Summer landscaping ideas are aplenty, and we can certainly find a design scheme befitting of your property. All consultations come with a free estimate, so you have nothing to lose by picking up the phone.

Summer Landscaping Ideas in Bellevue

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