5 Reasons to Install an Irrigation System in Lynnwood

synturf-5Since your yard is visible to neighbors, it’s not a part of your property you want to ignore. Curb appeal and landscaping are just as important as your home interior. However, lawn maintenance requires frequent upkeep, not to mention it can also be time-consuming and labor-intensive. One way to drastically cut down on manual care is to install an irrigation system. Here are a few reasons a sprinkler system is a smart investment.

1. Increases Home Value

Irrigation systems definitely add value to your property. Even if you have no plans at the moment to put your home on the market, it’s always a good idea to make renovations that increase property value. Home buyers will be impressed by newly installed irrigation systems, no doubt.

2. Less Time Commitment

A huge advantage of irrigation systems is that they’re automated. This saves hours of work from having to manually water the lawn using a hose or watering can. Automated sprinklers perform the entire watering work.

3. Save Money

You can adjust the sprinklers according to the watering needs, lawn size, and time of year. This prevents overwatering and that you only use as much water as you need, cutting down on waste and saving you money in the process.

4. Conserves Water

The Lawn receives ample watering when it rains. There’s no need to set the sprinklers when rainfall occurs. You can program the irrigation system to automatically shut off when it detects a drizzle. This is a huge water-saving and green feature.

5. Produces Stunning Results

Grass and plants respond optimally to modest levels of water several times per day instead of a huge intake of water once a day. The grass will remain greener and with less chance for weed growth with a sprinkler that shuts on and off at certain hours of the day.

Install an Irrigation System in Lynnwood Today

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Irrigation System Installation in Lynnwood

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