Is Artificial Play Turf Right for Your Family in Everett?

synturf-3-2016Contemplating whether to install artificial play turf on your lawn is definitely not a decision to take lightly. There are some factors to consider, and you’ll want to make the choice that’s fitting for the whole family. Here are a few variables to think about before installing an artificial turf.

1. Do You Have Time for Lawn Maintenance?

Lawn care requires time and commitment, particularly if you aspire to do your landscaping the right way. Artificial grass, by contrast, needs little attention. If you lack time for chores like mowing, watering, and weed-killing, artificial turf may be the answer.

2. Do You Have Any Household Pets?

If you have pets, especially dogs, artificial grass may be a terrific choice because bothersome pests like fleas and ticks cannot thrive on the surface. In addition, there’s no mud with artificial grass, so your canine friend won’t be leaving paw prints behind following a rain spell.

3. Are There Allergy-Prone Occupants?

One of the best perks of synthetic grass is that it’s hypoallergenic. If you or anyone in your family have severe allergies, artificial grass can alleviate the symptoms when allergy season is in full swing.

4. Do You Have or Plan to Have Children?

Artificial grass is a great lawn option for children. Synthetic grass is padded, making it safe for your little ones. It’s also really sturdy; no matter how much traffic your lawn is exposed to, it’ll still look pristine year-round.

Let Us Install an Artificial Play Turf in Everett

If you believe artificial play turf is right for your household, then locate an installation company near you. SynTurf is here to assist with superb service. Browse our website or talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members by calling (425) 276-7449. Consultations come with a free estimate!

Artificial Play Turf Might Just Be What Your Everett Home Needs

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