Artificial Turf and the Green Revolution in Bothell

SynTurfHere in the Pacific Northwest, it shouldn’t be hard to ‘go green’. Plentiful rain and the region’s natural beauty makes people from other parts of the country green with envy. It’s natural to think that going green means the more natural the better. There’s an irony to this, though, when it comes to installing an artificial lawn. We explain why.

Artificial Lawn Is More Sustainable Than You Believe

Artificial lawn doesn’t require chemical treatments to keep it green like a natural landscape. Not only are these chemicals all over grassy regions where kids and pets play, but they’re also part of the runoff from rainstorms that make their way into natural bodies of water. The frequent use of gas-powered lawnmowers isn’t exactly green either.

Think about how you’ll keep your artificial lawn clean. You can use a leaf blower if you wish during autumn, but a broom with stiff bristles suffices and helps keep the blades of artificial grass upright for a more refined look. Rainfall is the most natural way to keep the lawn clean, and no chemicals will be getting washed into the nearby streams or retention basin. The artificial lawn has perforations that enable the rain to go into the soil where it belongs.

Finally, since you don’t require water during droughts, water conservation becomes another sustainable byproduct of an artificial lawn installation.

Interactions With Other Eco-Friendly Implementations 

If you install an artificial lawn and you have windows and doors with coatings designed to reflect the heat, take precaution with your lawn. These reflections could intensify heat from UV rays and cause burn marks. Use shutters or shades to keep this from happening. 

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