The Pet Friendliness of Artificial Lawns in Bellevue

SynTurfIf you wish to install a pet play area with artificial grass, rest assured that today’s products are pet-safe and can be a better choice than natural turf. Years ago, there were some artificial surfaces that had lead contamination issues. Today’s artificial and pet-friendly lawn installers have the latest and safest options available for your residence.

There are safety benefits that artificial turf provides for your pets and family. For example, an artificial lawn that’s correctly installed won’t have uneven seams that sod sometimes has. Grass grown from seeds can give you a beautiful lawn, but there are uneven spots concealed by the grass that can lead to stumbles for your pets and children. There are also pesticides and other harmful chemicals that regular lawn maintenance requires. None of these problems are a concern with a properly leveled artificial lawn. This means no hidden hills or valleys to trip anyone up and no muddy messes.

Cleaning Up After Your Canine Companion

It’s no secret that dogs like to frequent certain spots to relieve themselves. The ease of cleaning artificial lawns and play areas make this mostly a non-issue. Collect solid waste with a scooper or plastic bag and the rest of the waste can be washed away with a hose. There are even deodorizing agents that will make this kind of waste a faint memory. As an added bonus, you won’t have those brown spots that canines leave behind when doing a number two on natural lawns.

Another safety feature is that the filling under the artificial lawn makes for a softer landing if kids and pets trip and fall. The artificial surface makes for a safer environment because it’s less likely to have ticks and fleas lurking underneath. Synthetic turf options don’t invite these pests the way natural grass does.

We Install a Pet-Friendly Lawn for Your Home

At SynTurf we have installed many pet runs, child play areas, and even putting greens that have satisfied our clients for many years. Contact us today for a no-cost estimate; improve your leisure hours while having a pet-friendly lawn for your furry friend’s enjoyment.

We Install Artificial Grass Dog Runs and Play Areas

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