Landscape Tips for Keeping Wood Pests Away in Snohomish

termites Snohomish homeowners enjoy a well-kept home that looks great year-round. The nice part about the Pacific Northwest is all the free water the sky provides that makes our area so green and lush. But there are other organisms that enjoy the moist earth and abundance of rainfall. That would be mainly termites and carpenter ants. Learn all about wood pest prevention for a pest-free landscape.

Termites and Carpenter Ants Love Water

The problem with these pests is they are drawn to water. Once they get on the trail, they tunnel and eat their way through anything that’s in their way. You can discourage these critters with these easy DIY steps.

  • Avoid piling garden and tree mulch more than three inches high
  • Keep mulch four to five inches away from siding or even masonry to keep pests from entering the home.
  • Have the garden graded to shuttle water away from the foundation
  • Keep vines and undergrowth away from your home and watch those overhanging trees. Carpenter ants may come in through higher areas and enter from a cracked attic window.

Other Methods for stopping Wood Pests in Their Tracks

Inspect the basement for leaking water. Termites consume wood and cellulose. Carpenter ants don’t eat wood; they hollow it out to live in so look at any wood in the home and check for sawdust that may be around door jams and windowsills.

Another way to safeguard your home is to have a professional landscaper put those landscaping touches you always wanted. They can measure the mulch, clear away vines and undergrowth, and put in some barriers to stop the invaders. They can also grade the lawn to keep the water on your plants away from your home.

At SynTurf, we install artificial lawns that can keep your yard maintenance to a minimum. Please call us at 425-276-7449 or browse our website for more information on what we can do to make your home pest-free. Wood pest prevention is the first step to a more robust landscape.

Wood Pest Prevention in Greater Seattle

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