Keeping Your Lawn and Trees in Peaceful Harmony

roots and lawn adviceA well-manicured lawn with beautiful landscaping touches is what every Seattle homeowner aspires to achieve. However, one of our favorite plants – the tree – can make a great-looking lawn difficult to maintain. Lawn and trees can indeed coexist but special care is required.

The issue with tall trees and green lawns comes down to two basic things. The tree blocks sunlight and takes up too much water and nutrients with their much larger roots. In addition, the tree’s roots may be too close to the surface, requiring extra watering because these roots dry the watered area out really quickly.

How to Make Lawn and Trees Compatible

You can reduce the effects of your trees robbing your lawn of its needed nutrients by trying some of the following measures.

  • Inset a metal rod or pipe about a foot and a half into the ground a few areas around the tree.
  • Place tree food down these holes to encourage tree root growth more deeply into the ground
  • Feed the grass around the tree more frequently than the rest of the lawn
  • Apply lime around the tree perimeter annually to reduce acidity
  • Perforate the lawn outside the tree to help moisture reach the roots
  • Have an arborist remove some of the branches blocking the sunlight

You can put a ring of stones around the base of the tree and use mulch to cover some of the thinned-out regions. These steps can be done on your own, but an experienced landscaper can be a huge assistance in selecting the best strategies.

Other Methods for Tree and Lawn Coexistence

Annual lawn care is quite a chore. The presence of trees adds time and complexity to this job. If you want to try an easier alternative, give SynTurf a call at 425-276-7449 for professional artificial grass installation. We’ve been helping Seattle residents take that first step to a life with less time bothering with temperamental lawns and trees.

We provide a full range of landscaping services and will be happy to discuss the advantages of an artificial lawn specifically designed to maximize your property’s curb appeal. With no need for mowing, watering, or fertilizing, artificial grass will complement your landscape and is great for dog runs, play areas, and putting greens.

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