Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass – Go Green in More Ways than One in Snohomish

residential-4Most lawn care products applied throughout the country claim to have many benefits and zero drawbacks. The claim is that once you place these miracle products on your lawn, no pests or weeds will ever appear for the rest of the year. This may mean less work for you but at what cost? As an alternative, have you considered eco-friendly artificial grass?

How Much Money Do You Actually Save?

First, there’s the cost of those every-other-month applications for different problems and different seasons. You apply the springtime lawn food; then the dandelion preventer; then the pest preventer; and then the different food for the summer. Finally, you have to prepare the lawn for the fall and winter and combat all the problems associated with those seasons. Before you know it, you’ll be getting ready to jump back on the merry-go-round next spring.

Seattle lawns rely heavily on rainwater to get through some of the year. However, these quenching rains may be creating some invisible harm to the environment when it interacts with the recently-applied lawncare products.

These fertilizers create excessive algae in water and deprive lakes and streams of oxygen, subsequently choking the life out of fish and aquatic plants. Wild-caught Pacific Salmon have been found to have these chemicals in their bodies. You don’t have to be an environmentalist to know this can harm people, too. It also ruins cherished outdoor pastimes like fishing, swimming, and kayaking.

We Install Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass

There is a way to keep the environment safer: simply install a synthetic lawn. Imagine no more long walks behind a grass seeder/fertilizer applicator or having to mow again. Finally, no more need to get that water hose attached to your sprinkler and watch your work get washed away just in time for a second application.

SynTurf can make this a possibility throughout the Greater Seattle area. Our expert installers and landscapers can make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. Please call us at 425-276-7449 and say goodbye to your seeder and mower forever. We install eco-friendly artificial grass that’s sustainable and virtually maintenance-free. 

Artificial Grass Turf in Seattle, Bellevue & Everett

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