Benefits of Synthetic Turf – Enjoy Your Life More by Doing Less

Skagerak_Arena_turfMaintaining a lush, green and well-manicured lawn can be a challenge anywhere in the country – but it’s even more difficult in the Snohomish and surrounding regions.  This is largely due to the heavy rains throughout the year, constant wind gusts, and lack of a full day’s sun.  Many homeowners toil away hours and spend plenty of the other kind of green on fertilizers, seed, sod and growing aids with mixed results. If you want to up the curb appeal of your landscape and be able to enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is cooperative, you might want to consider bagging the old grass for good. Instead, opt for the benefits of synthetic turf.

The Benefits of  Synthetic Turf

The biggest advantage of having synthetic turf installed on your lawn is the low maintenance.  While neighbors are investing in soil treatments, re-seeding and fertilizing to bring their lawns back to life, you’ll be ready to enjoy every inch of your property with no sweat, elbow grease or additional investment. In fact, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities right on your lawn year-round.

golfAside from saving on labor, synthetic turf also saves you money.  Once you get past the initial investment cost, there is no need for expensive fertilizers, foods or irrigation to maintain the turf.  You’ll also save on the cost of gas or electricity that normally comes with mowing, edging and weed whacking.

You’ll also save water as there will be no need to use the hose or sprinkler to help new seeds grow. While there is a personal economic benefit to this, you can also be proud that you’re saving hundreds (if not thousands) of gallons of a precious resource every year.

Artificial Grass Installation by an Expert Team

While most Seattle-area homeowners are familiar with what it takes to get their natural lawn into acceptable shape, few have experience with synthetic turf. The professionals at SynTurf have more than 35 years of experience installing synthetic turf for both home and business owners. It doesn’t matter whether you want a usable putting green right in your backyard or an area that your kids and pets can play without damaging the lawn – the benefits of synthetic turf speak for themselves regardless of your motivation for this exterior upgrade.

Save Time & Money with Synthetic Turf in Seattle

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