Washington Drought – Save Water and Your Lawn

synturfWhen the state of Washington warned of drought conditions, we were a bit concerned. But many of us were optimistic thinking we’ll be having our April showers before you know it. Well so much for optimism. A statewide drought emergency was declared on May 15th and efforts to help farms, rivers, and streams get by with less rainwater continue to be investigated.

If you watched the U.S. Open Golf Tournament this year, you noticed how much damage a drought can have on a golf course. But it’s not just Chamber’s Bay’s greens that are getting brown. Without a professional grounds crew your lawn may be feeling the effects too. Here are some water conservation tips you can try to keep your lawn green this summer.

Conservation Indoors and Out

Water usage happens most in two places: the bathroom and the yard. It’s estimated that nearly half of all water use by American families occurs in the bathroom and another thirty percent is used outside for chores such as watering grass, plants, and washing the car. You can still do these chores, but to conserve water follow these simple steps:

  • Don’t leave the hose running while washing the car. Get a spray nozzle that shuts off when you let it go.
  • Use a leaf blower instead of a hose to push lawn clippings and other debris from your driveway.
  • There are drought resistant plants that require less water that you can use to replace dried out plants in your garden and landscaping.
  • Avoid over-watering, but soak the ground to discourage quick evaporation. Rebates for purchasing a more efficient sprinkler system may be available for those who use in-ground irrigation.

Avoiding these Problems in the Future

In a better year for rainfall, a rainwater collector can be used to save and store water from your roof for use later during the summer. Another consideration would be to stop watering altogether and have artificial grass installed. You can say goodbye to drought-induced problems forever. This will greatly reduce outdoor water usage and save you time and money by making lawn feeding, weeding and pest control a thing of the past.

At T.C. Landscaping our The Turf Guys experts have been installing artificial lawns for customers in the Seattle area for years. This is a perfect time to investigate the beauty and convenience of an artificial lawn for your home. Synthetic turf is great for play areas, dog runs, putting greens and more. Call us at 425-276-7449 or log on to our website for more information on installing an artificial lawn this year to fight the drought conditions and keep your yard looking green and beautiful all year long.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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